QRM, Inc.

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

QRM services all lines of insurance claim intake. We are specialists to the insurance industry, focused on intake and distribution of claim information.


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Intake Response Center (IRC)

State-of-the-art technologies to streamline the intake process and to ensure prompt, quality service

Disaster Recovery

Each QRM team member is qualified for dealing with disaster recovery in their area, trained in emergency operations and equipped with emergency contact information and all approved vendor information

24 hours per day, 365 days per year

QRM receives first report information of Worker’s Compensation, Auto, Property and General Liability incidents for both Commercial and Personal Lines of claim intake.

QRM has quickly become an industry leader throughout the Nation by providing dependable, high performance and cost effective services while developing a strong commitment to a service first partnership with our customers.


“To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to share with you The General’s experience with QRM.

The General has partnered with Quality Resource Management for its First Notice of Loss solution for over 15 years.  Initially, the service was limited to after hours, weekend and holiday coverage. At that time, we maintained an internal team to manage FNOL during our core business hours.  As The General grew, we leveraged the capacity of the QRM team and their service was transitioned to 24/7 coverage.  It has been that way for 10 years.

When researching FNOL providers, QRM offered customization of our process that was not available with other vendors.  QRM has truly partnered with The General, customizing the process to maximize our adjuster efficiency.  QRM has always displayed a true sense of ownership of our business. Our success has been their success. Over the years, through numerous technology upgrades and process improvements, the QRM team has worked with us to solution and create the best experience for both our external customers and our internal associates.

Recently, we’ve implemented point in time customer feedback. One of the surveys goes out immediately following the FNOL report.  The ease of the FNOL process is evident in the customer responses to our surveys.

I would be happy to discuss any questions that you may have.”


Eileen Manners

AVP Casualty Claims & Central Services

Permanent General Assurance Corporation

QRM has earned a reputation for reliability and for providing excellent, quality service. As the nation’s premier full service incident response center, QRM is the best choice to the insurance industry for providing all of your claim intake services.

Seeing Is Believing

Customized Consulting Services are also available for clients seeking to evaluate established cost management programs or establish an internal response center.

QRM provides Flexible Programs designed to easily integrate into multiple claim systems based upon client preferences, such as performing Three-Point Contacts to assist with initial claim set up with Mailed Letters, Private Labeling & Overflow Support, Dispatching Field Adjusters for emergency cases, Web Based Claims Reporting and EDI Service.

"We're proud to have Quality Resource Management as a partner. -- ATI AnticAmerican"

− Georgia Casualty & Surety Jeanne Marshburn, Claim Manager

"I needed an intake service that could and was willing to enter claims directly into the claims system that we operate at Central Parking. None of the multiple vendors that we spoke with were willing or able to do this. QRM was truly able to understand my immediate needs and create a process that has proven to be superior to any other plan available."

− Central Parking, William Wright, Claim Manager

QRM is the best choice to the insurance industry  for providing all of your claim intake services.