QRM has earned a reputation for reliability and for providing excellent, quality service. As the nation’s premier full service incident response center, QRM is the best choice to the insurance industry for providing all of your claim intake services.

Below are just a few of the many compliments we have received from our clients. We are proud of our ability to develop and maintain long term successful business relationships, by working together as partners.

"We're proud to have Quality Resource Management as a partner."

− Georgia Casualty & Surety Jeanne Marshburn, Claim Manager

"I needed an intake service that could and was willing to enter claims directly into the claims system that we operate at Central Parking. None of the multiple vendors that we spoke with were willing or able to do this. QRM allowed my staff to train their employees on our system and I now have immediate notification of any claim that is reported. The level of customer service that I have received is outstanding. QRM was truly able to understand my immediate needs and create a process that has proven to be superior to any other plan available."

− Central Parking, William Wright, Claim Manager